Wilfred Wallace Black: 1918 - 2015

A humble boy from Hessle Road, Granddad served his country with bravery and pride.

Granddad rarely spoke about his years in the Army but they had a lasting effect on his life, health and view of the world.

Evacuated from Dunkirk as part of the British Expeditionary Force, Bill was then shipped to Africa where he proudly served as a Desert Rat before marching up through Sicily and Italy; only to be pulled out to prepare for the D-Day landings.

Remembering D-Day, Granddad told us he was given the following instructions by his CO: "As soon as you feel the wheels hit the sand, drive and don't stop for anything until you reach Caen." Given he was in the Royal Horse Artillery, we always assumed he'd been driving a lorry full of essential ammo. Granddad later told us: "Oh no, I were driving the confectionery wagon!"

Granddad never thought of himself as brave; always leaving that accolade to his brother who served in Burma. But to us, there could be no better example of a Hero: an ordinary man who did something quite extraordinary for the sake of others.


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  • £25.00 Beth

    The anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino made me think of you a lot last week, Granddad. Bx

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    Every day something, large or small, reminds me of you. Your humility and innate sense of duty ran through you as a rod of iron. My hero.

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    In memory of Beth's Granddad and in honor of true heroes that deserve the best support possible.

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    We miss you everyday, Granddad. You'll always be our hero. X