Robbie Leonard

Robbie was and always will be one of a kind.

He crammed so much into his life.

He did things us mere mortals can only dream about.

I was lucky enough to have known Robbie for over 20 years,

I watched him collect glasses for half a shandy.

sign up and sign out from the navy.

Make lifelong friendships, Create the best home life and family.

He advanced to levels within his career 99.9 % of us didn't even know that jobs like that existed.

He never forgot anybody he ever met, He would then ask about that persons life and ambitions while i would still be thinking who is this person... He had a true gift with that one.

Robbie was a friend, Partner, Husband, Brother, Dad, Son, Boss, Mentor,, And all the other things he was brilliant at.

Everyone who ever cared for him and received that love returned will miss him greatly.

A true ( make sure your shoes are polished ) GENTLEMAN...

He truly did help everyone he could.

Robbie would say " I would rather have 50% of a £1 than 100% of nothing..."


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