About Hero Funds

Over the years, many people have told us they’ve found comfort and hope in supporting Help for Heroes in honour of a friend or family member. Celebrating a loved one in this special way can help to bring families together and provide a positive focus at a very difficult time.

Hero Funds – a lasting tribute to your Hero

Hero Funds are a new and meaningful way to remember a loved one. By creating a Hero Fund in their honour, you can build a lasting memorial to your very own Hero and help hundreds more across the country.

Every donation to your Hero Fund will help to provide life-changing recovery, rehabilitation and support services to wounded, injured and sick Veterans and serving members of the British Armed Forces. Your tribute will help them overcome injury, illness and trauma; and also provide essential support to their families and carers.

Whether you invite others to join you or keep your Hero Fund as a private act of remembrance, your tribute will ensure your Hero’s name, memory and values live on.

“If you’re thinking of donating or fundraising in memory of a loved one, we can only say how much we’ve benefited. We’ve lost but we’ve also been able to give back, and knowing you’re helping others can really help you too.”

Caption: Sue and Mike support Help for Heroes in memory of their son-in-law, Colour Serjeant Kevin Fortuna, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.