Your Hero Fund Page

When you create your Hero Fund account you’ll be given your own fundraising page to personalise and share.

This is a secure page, accessible from within the Help for Heroes website.

Making it personal

You can personalise your page by sharing a few words about your loved one. Explaining why you’ve chosen to commemorate them in this way will help others to understand your hopes for the fund, as well as inspiring them to join in. You can upload your favourite photos of your Hero and share a video; making it extra special for everyone involved.

You can also choose from one of four colour themes – Navy Blue, Army Red, Airforce Blue or Tricolour - a colourful combination of all three colours that represent the different service branches of the Armed Forces. 

Sharing your page

Sharing your Hero Fund page via Facebook, Twitter or email is an easy way to raise awareness and donations at the click of a button.

You don’t have to set a fundraising target but many people find this encourages others to contribute. Donors can leave messages of support and you can personalise the thank you email they will receive.

Donating online

Your page is secure so you can donate and ask others to give with confidence. Donors’ details will be stored safely and used in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Events pages

Arranging a fundraising event or asking for donations in place of presents for a birthday or a wedding? Whatever the occasion, you can create event pages within your fund and see how much has been raised. All donations will be added to your grand total; helping your memorial to grow and help even more people. 

Keeping you updated

If you’d like to keep an eye on your fund’s progress, you can receive email notifications whenever someone donates or creates a new fundraising event for your Hero Fund page.